Project Description



As the world is rapidly changing, the methods and teaching approaches of yesterday will not prepare our students properly for the world they will have to live in. We need a totally new approach for both teaching and learning to help our students to achieve 21st century skills like creativity, communication, collaboration, digital competences, critical thinking and personal responsibility.



 Teachers from five tiny village primary schools from Finland, Greece, Spain, Turkey and Estonia believed that one possible way to meet these objectives was bringing mobile devices, especially tablets, into teaching and learning process.



Our project was called “Learn and Share!” as all participants, both teachers and pupils, were involved in learning, collaboration and sharing results and experience.



During the 36 month period we had three joint teacher training sessions and three camps for pupils. Each project year had its own subject area: 1. Social Sciences, PE and Health Education; 2. Maths and Science; 3. Literacy, Art and Languages.



Teachers created learning scenarios and lesson plans of which some were transformed in the form of eTwinning projects where students could collaborate with peers both from their own as well as partner schools. Our pupils had also the opportunity to work face to face with pupils from partner schools during our international students’ camps.



We carried out 10 eTwinning projects and compiled 4 different booklets with lesson ideas and learning scenarios.

After the end of the project we wish to continue with mobile learning/teaching and international cooperation. We also hope that teachers from other schools and countries will use our materials and experience to include mobile learning in their own teaching.







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